Orchid learns with every interaction. The AI includes a continually updated database of over 500 million machine profiles which Orchid utilizes to deliver highly aligned online audiences to its clients.


Demographic guessing is superseded. Orchid actualizes intent by foraging key indicators of a buying behavior before a decision. Real-time results capitalize on early signs of purchase history to grow intuitively.


Reveal real audiences. Cultivate a complete study based on buyer intent research and reach future customers in their true digital landscape.










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Orchid Technology grows innovation and imagination.


The Little Rock Zoo relies heavily on both memberships and fundraising events to supplement its operating budget. Due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the zoo temporarily closed and the public events that generate this vital revenue had to be reimagined for the safety of its patrons, staff, and animals. While many other zoos and nonprofit organizations were canceling their cornerstone annual fundraising events, the Little Rock Zoo’s events team used innovation and imagination to create new experiences.

The zoo staff was additionally challenged with the task of creating awareness and convincing the community to embrace these new events in lieu of the traditional ones. It was equally important to carefully build confidence in the community and follow safety protocols while also sustaining the event attendance fees and contributions.  

An entirely new experience came to life –  Shadows at Sixth. The Little Rock Zoo teamed up with the Downtown Little Rock Partnership (DLRP) to create a pandemic-safe, family friendly event. With set design by The Arkansas Repertory Theatre, CWP Productions, and Night-Skye Studios, an elevated haunted drive-through experience was designed utilizing a parking deck that was getting little use during the pandemic.


A robust campaign of awareness and promotion of the new event was created. Vines/Brookshire designed a hybrid campaign of traditional media.


By the closing night of the three-week event, an astounding 5,703 cars [plus 33 bicycles] totaling 22,756 individuals (estimated at four attendees per car) attended Shadows on Sixth. In contrast, total attendance in 2019 for the Little Rock Zoo’s Boo at the Zoo event was 8,753.

Using Orchid AI and stand-out creativity helped the Little Rock Zoo achieve record numbers despite COVID-19’s challenges.

AI Based Process

1 Set marketing goals for proper pixel placement
2 Pixel fires to initiate AI Consumer Research
3 Creative is developed so it speaks to your ideal customer based on the research
4 GROW your customer base; ensuring your ads are in front of NEW potential consumers that share the same online behaviors as previous converters.

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Discover insights to inform every business decision

Better decisions are data-based. Bypass any business roadblock with a 1st-party data  marketing roadmap to locate the best-performing advertising landscapes.

The human brain easily adapts to the unknown, through a world of context based on predictions from past experiences. Orchid’s AI-rooted operating system does the same thing—but faster and more efficiently.

Discover new audiences while learning more about existing ones through patterns and trends among consumers.

TARGETING: Empower with scale and accuracy to tap into hidden audiences that drive growth.

CREATIVE: Engage your brand with effective messaging, content, and consumer intent that resonates with high performing in-market audiences.

TRADITIONAL MEDIA: Boost your reach by comparing data learned to better engage audiences across multiple platforms: TV, Radio, Print & Outdoor.

MARKETING: Relate to your highest performing customers with an advanced and structured understanding of buyer behavior. 



We measure what matters

Analyze your share of the market with in-depth and transparent reporting. A blueprint that matches product and consumer intent.

Demographics do not matter when commonality exists among audiences.

By associating ideas, emotions, places, people, and objects – Orchid taps into real consumers to grow profit. Comprehensive audience and competitive insights reveal what it takes to convert every new opportunity.

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Breakthrough technology that doesn’t break the bank

Orchid uses AI technology to generate growth at any stage, from startups to heirloom enterprises. Orchid is the catalyst needed to thrive now in the digital ecosystem. The question is: how quickly do want to grow?

All Monthly Subscriptions Include:

  • Site Traffic & Sales Volume Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Research
  • Audience Insights
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Creative Concept
  • Online Advertising Portfolio
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Competitive Analysis & Targeting

Monthly Investment Levels:

Seed: 5k – 10k
Startups and emerging brands that want to build sustainable conversions over time.

Grow: 10k – 20k
Established brands that want to scale conversions at a more rapid pace.

Bloom: 20k +
Legacy brands that want to quickly invigorate conversions with higher ROI and lower cost per acquisition

Built for business
as unusual.

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